BOS Design + Interior is the result of two partners’ interest in creating a higher status quo lifestyle that is available to everyone.  This idea that each and every one of us knows what ‘The Good Life’ is, innately, is our basis for wanting to provide exactly that.

This idea first manifested itself in the reuse of vintage goods.  We loved the amazing things we’d find.  Some brilliant in their design, others in their style.  And one thing that always stood out was the character each piece would bring to the spaces they existed in.  This led to the curation of a vintage home decor shop that would end up being featured numerous times on the web.

Through the curation of that shop we had the opportunity to be photographers, graphic designers, web designers, curators, set designers, product designers, interior designers, craftsmen and artists.  This skill set is what has culminated into BOS Design + Interior – a multi-disciplinary design firm that’s dedicated to, The Good Life.