About BOS Design + Interior

At BOS Design + Interior we think differently about solving challenging situations whether it be a large construction endeavor requiring BIM, or training a single individual on the basics of software and technology. Each situation is handled with the same amount of care, precision, and impactful methods that we are sure you will come away with a positive experience and your needs met.

Our expertise is centered around software technology, and the most current methods and workflows used in the industry. Our chief aim is to allow your project and its members to flourish knowing they have the best in support and knowledge behind them.

At BOS there is no challenge too great because we believe that the possibility of success is always within reach.

“Occasionally, I run into previous Clients who tell me how much positive change has occurred in their lives and projects after working with BOS. This kind of feedback always reminds me of the real reason why I do what I love doing at BOS.” - Founder of BOS Design + Interior